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Being a graphic designer, it’s always nice to step away from the computer and pick up my pliers to create unique chainmaille pieces. Sometimes, work creeps off my screen an into my jewelry studio. What started off as a small art project, quickly grew into a full collection (that’s still growing).

Combining my love of all things graphic, vintage and typography, I’m happy to introduce the Graphic Collection. Helvetica and Ampersands so far, but more to come. Here’s a few of the pieces created so far.

helvetica_white ampersand_serif_circus Bracelet_round


Be sure to friend us over on Facebook to see more of the pieces in the works.

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Want to do some shopping from the comfort of your couch? Like free shipping and great deals? Don’t want to fight the crowds at the mall? We’re with you, and here to help with your Christmas shopping.
Saturday and Sunday, December 6-7, we’ll be hosting an Virtual Trunk Sale.
What is a Trunk Sale you ask? Well, we’ll open our jewelry trunks to you, our awesome customers, and you’ll get to scoop up some great deals, right in your news feed!
This is a wonderful opportunity to shop with amazing savings andflash sales throughout the weekend and FREE shipping within Canada.Ow'll be on sale!
Even ow’ll be on sale!
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Wondering where we’ve been lately? Our Etsy store hasn’t had inventory in a while. We’ve been selling a lot locally, while also debating, researching and speaking to fellow crafters about the best places to sell online. With Etsy’s policy changes, it’s no longer just hand made. While it is a global marketplace, it’s also quickly becoming a place where you can find cheaply made imported product. This is driving the cost of things on Etsy down, and we just can’t compete.

We make all our pieces by hand, just us three Dragonfly Girls. We love to meet our customers in person, and are always happy make adjustments and take custom orders. Competing with the masses just isn’t for us. We want to continue to do what we love, make beautiful, unique pieces of jewelry.

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With the busy Christmas season approaching, we realize that you might not have time to come visit us at one of our shows, or might not live close. Never fear, we’ve got a couple of exciting things planned. We’re currently adding inventory to our new online store. To make it easier for you to wrap a new piece of jewelry around your wrist, or drape a new pendant around your neck, we’ll be posting some photos of our new pieces currently for sale. Just comment sold on any of these photos, and we’ll be in touch with payment info, and get it shipped out to you ASAP.

In late November, we’ll be hosting a virtual trunk show. You’ll get to see a lot of the pieces we bring to our shows, and some new ones that we haven’t brought out yet.

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