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    The best places to do a craft show

    Happy to be back for our second year at the Creative Bean, and even luckier to have another show at the same location within a few weeks. The perfect venue, a coffee shop by the lake, with lots of shade. Who wouldn’t love it? We’re able to sneak some coffee, and delicious sweets, all while getting to meet some great local artisans, and visit with our wonderful customers.

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    Shop Local

    We’re happy to be part of Gypsy Barn’s shop local blitz. On now, until the end of December, you can pick up some great finds from local artisans, and keep the driving to a minimum. Come check out our great display (built just for us, by the lovely Jasmin) at 41 Park Street South in Peterborough. She’s got a great selection of vintage finds, and plenty of her own wonderfully rustic and unique creations.   We have a great selection of our earrings, pendants and bracelets for you to choose from. We’re always happy to take custom orders too. Just let Jasmin know, or drop us a line at laura@dragonflygirls.ca…

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    The Creative Bean

    A beautiful day to be outside, and what better way to enjoy it than taking a quick break on the patio with some jump rings and pliers? The first Creative Bean at the Silver Bean Café was to raise money for the great New Canadian Centre. A great location and a great cause, we’re always happy to lend our talents to help out the local community. Plus, a great way to start the day with a steamy Americano and walnut brownie.

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    Peterborough Art Market

    It was perfect weather to be outside for the day at the First Peterborough Art Market. Packed with all sorts of creative vendors in the Charlotte Mews in downtown Peterborough, and going on alongside with the Taste of Downtown and the Art School of Peterborough’s 20th Anniversary celebrations, it was a great event. I was able to showcase some of my latest work, and even display some of my sterling silver pieces. It was a great opportunity to chat with other local artisans, meet new customers, and catch up with old ones. If you wern’t able to make it out, you can always look for us at our next show…

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    A New Japanese weave

    Hyperlynks Artisan Collection features unique weaves including the Infinity Weave Bracelet, featured here (we call it raindrops, because it looks like ripples raindrops create). Looking forward to picking up some more rings and trying them out on some new the best essay you can find here projects.

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    Happy Holidays!

    As a thank-you for all being such great fans and customers, we’re offering free Canadian shipping from our Etsy shop until Christmas. Just use XMASSHIP12 when you check out.

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    Dragonscale weave

    I’m totally in love with this slinky weave. I’d waited years to try to learn it because it looked so intimidating. Being a veteran ‘mailler, I was ready for the challenge. Following the always great instructions from Blue Buddha Boutique, I conquered the weave in just a few short hours. I’ve also experimented with a few different types of rings from a few different suppliers. I put a lot of time into my projects, and want to make sure I use only the best rings. I would never sell anything that I wouldn’t wear myself. After going through a few different suppliers, my two top picks are two great Canadian…

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    Aspect Ratio

    This is a pretty big topic for any chainmailler. If you only plan on dabbling in it, and buy kits that have all your rings and instructions in it, then it’s not something you really need to worry about. If you really want to dive into it and play around  and experiment with different weaves, techniques and designs, you’ll need to know this stuff. First off, I’m Canadian, and like to work in metric. Mainly because the set of mandrels I have are all metric (in mm). All dimensions are ID (inside diameter). If you’re used to working in imperial, or buy your rings from a supplier who sells in…

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    Celtic visions and aspect ratio inspirations

    Whether you’re just getting into chainmaille, or are an experience ‘mailler, aspect ratio is key in so many designs. Some patterns are a lot more picky than others (I think Jens Pind takes the cake on the picky side, while you can use just about anything for a classic Shaggy Loop). I got some interesting results when I messed up converting the aspect ratios for this pendant.   In fact, I liked the results so much that I made the same “mistake” in my lotus flower earrings. The original pattern I found for the Celtic Visions pendant was in the Fall 2012 issue of Wirework Magazine. Here’s a chart of…

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