Celtic visions and aspect ratio inspirations

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Whether you’re just getting into chainmaille, or are an experience ‘mailler, aspect ratio is key in so many designs. Some patterns are a lot more picky than others (I think Jens Pind takes the cake on the picky side, while you can use just about anything for a classic Shaggy Loop). I got some interesting results when I messed up converting the aspect ratios for this pendant.


In fact, I liked the results so much that I made the same “mistake” in my lotus flower earrings.

The original pattern I found for the Celtic Visions pendant was in the Fall 2012 issue of Wirework Magazine. Here’s a chart of their original ring sizes and gauges, and what I converted. I did some rounding for the numbers to work with the set of mandrels I have (aka knitting needles).

Original Ring Sizes Converted Ring Sizes
16 guage 7.0mm 18 gauge 5.5mm
16 guage 5.5mm 18 gauge 4.5mm
16 guage 4.0mm 18 gauge 3.25mm
18 guage 3.5mm 20 gauge 2.75mm


For those mathematicians out there the formula for calculating aspect ratio is AR = ID รท WD (inside diameter divided by wire diameter). Want to learn more about aspect ratio? Check out my post here.