New Projects

Some new projects that are in the works, or new products we’ve been trying.

Being a graphic designer, it’s always nice to step away from the computer and pick up my pliers to create unique chainmaille pieces. Sometimes, work creeps off my screen an into my jewelry studio. What started off as a small art project, quickly grew into a full collection (that’s still growing).

Combining my love of all things graphic, vintage and typography, I’m happy to introduce the Graphic Collection. Helvetica and Ampersands so far, but more to come. Here’s a few of the pieces created so far.

helvetica_white ampersand_serif_circus Bracelet_round


Be sure to friend us over on Facebook to see more of the pieces in the works.

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After a long winter and wet spring, we’ve finally got some nice weather happening.

Summer’s here, and we’re packing up our rings and trying to get some ‘mailling done while on the road. Not always an easy task, but satisfying when you finally put that last ring in place.


Also have a new pattern that we’ve been working on (Clockwork), with some great new colours. In case I haven’t mentioned how much I love Hyperlynks jump rings yet, they’re seriously awesome. Nothing like a good Canadian business, with a great product at great prices. It can sometimes be a challenge to shop local, but it just makes it all that much sweeter when you find just what you’re looking for.

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