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Some new projects that are in the works, or new products we've been trying.

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    Launching Dragonfly Baby!

    Excited to share some news! While I’ve been busy expanding my family, I’ve also been taking a bit of a break from chainmaille. Once I’ve had a little more sleep and don’t run on coffee, I’ll pick up my pliers again, but in the meantime, I’ve been keeping busy making cute baby things. So I thought I’d share! Launching in mid-March, we’ll be showcasing some funky drool bandana bibs and a selection of custom made teething jewelry at a local cafe (and online too!). Stay tuned for more photos!  

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    Spring flowers

    After a very long (and still ongoing winter), I’m looking to put a little spring cheer in the air. I fell in love with these little teeny scales, and am excited that I finally figured out how to put these little flowers together. At barely 1″ in diameter, these guys are super cute, and make charming little pendants. For sale over on our Facebook page for only $18 (with free shipping in Canada!) Head on over there, or send me an email, and I’d be happy to send some spring your way!

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    Sterling silver

    After being challenged to the five day art challenge by the lovely Annie over at Studio Luma, I was inspired to round up some more sterling silver wire, and finish up a project that had been sitting on my bench for way too long. I rigged up my bench block, waxed up my jeweler’s saw, and got to cutting some fresh rings. A quick trip in the tumbler later, and this bracelet was finally finished! The simple inverted round pattern makes this a really elegant bracelet, and I decided to finish it off with a simple sterling silver lobster clasp. Just about 7.5″ long, and only 3/8″ in diameter, it’s…

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    The New Graphic Collection is here!

    Being a graphic designer, it’s always nice to step away from the computer and pick up my pliers to create unique chainmaille pieces. Sometimes, work creeps off my screen an into my jewelry studio. What started off as a small art project, quickly grew into a full collection (that’s still growing). Combining my love of all things graphic, vintage and typography, I’m happy to introduce the Graphic Collection. Helvetica and Ampersands so far, but more to come. Here’s a few of the pieces created so far. Be sure to friend us over on Facebook to see more of the pieces in the works.

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    Summer’s here!

    After a long winter and wet spring, we’ve finally got some nice weather happening. Summer’s here, and we’re packing up our rings and trying to get some ‘mailling done while on the road. Not always an easy task, but satisfying when you finally put that last ring in place. Also have a new pattern that we’ve been working on (Clockwork), with some great new colours. In case I haven’t mentioned how much I love Hyperlynks jump rings yet, they’re seriously awesome. Nothing like a good Canadian business, with a great product at great prices. It can sometimes be a challenge to shop local, but it just makes it all that…

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    A New Japanese weave

    Hyperlynks Artisan Collection features unique weaves including the Infinity Weave Bracelet, featured here (we call it raindrops, because it looks like ripples raindrops create). Looking forward to picking up some more rings and trying them out on some new the best essay you can find here projects.

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    Dragonscale weave

    I’m totally in love with this slinky weave. I’d waited years to try to learn it because it looked so intimidating. Being a veteran ‘mailler, I was ready for the challenge. Following the always great instructions from Blue Buddha Boutique, I conquered the weave in just a few short hours. I’ve also experimented with a few different types of rings from a few different suppliers. I put a lot of time into my projects, and want to make sure I use only the best rings. I would never sell anything that I wouldn’t wear myself. After going through a few different suppliers, my two top picks are two great Canadian…

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    Celtic visions and aspect ratio inspirations

    Whether you’re just getting into chainmaille, or are an experience ‘mailler, aspect ratio is key in so many designs. Some patterns are a lot more picky than others (I think Jens Pind takes the cake on the picky side, while you can use just about anything for a classic Shaggy Loop). I got some interesting results when I messed up converting the aspect ratios for this pendant.   In fact, I liked the results so much that I made the same “mistake” in my lotus flower earrings. The original pattern I found for the Celtic Visions pendant was in the Fall 2012 issue of Wirework Magazine. Here’s a chart of…

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    Add a little sparkle to your life

    I sure had fun wrangling all of these rings together! Hundreds of silver jump rings weave together to create this thick and sparkly cuff, enveloping your wrist in beauty and elegance! Over 60 peachy Capri Gold crystals are captured in this sparkling piece. A subtle barrel slide clasp keeps it flat on your wrist. All jump rings are hand spun and flush cut to ensure high quality. This piece will come wrapped in a custom screen printed reusable cotton gift bag. Perfect for giving, and even better for receiving that special gift for yourself! *** About the wire and jump rings: Jump rings are made out of Artistic Wire. It’s…

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