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Some new projects that are in the works, or new products we’ve been trying.

Excited to share some news!

While I’ve been busy expanding my family, I’ve also been taking a bit of a break from chainmaille. Once I’ve had a little more sleep and don’t run on coffee, I’ll pick up my pliers again, but in the meantime, I’ve been keeping busy making cute baby things. So I thought I’d share!

Launching in mid-March, we’ll be showcasing some funky drool bandana bibs and a selection of custom made teething jewelry at a local cafe (and online too!).

Stay tuned for more photos!



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Spring flowers

Spring flowers

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After a very long (and still ongoing winter), I’m looking to put a little spring cheer in the air.

I fell in love with these little teeny scales, and am excited that I finally figured out how to put these little flowers together.

At barely 1″ in diameter, these guys are super cute, and make charming little pendants. For sale over on our Facebook page for only $18 (with free shipping in Canada!) Head on over there, or send me an email, and I’d be happy to send some spring your way!

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After being challenged to the five day art challenge by the lovely Annie over at Studio Luma, I was inspired to round up some more sterling silver wire, and finish up a project that had been sitting on my bench for way too long.

11034207_10153149573567363_3918324827851200642_nI rigged up my bench block, waxed up my jeweler’s saw, and got to cutting some fresh rings. A quick trip in the tumbler later, and this bracelet was finally finished!

The simple inverted round pattern makes this a really elegant bracelet, and I decided to finish it off with a simple sterling silver lobster clasp. Just about 7.5″ long, and only 3/8″ in diameter, it’s a teeny tiny classic piece.

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