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I sure had fun wrangling all of these rings together! Hundreds of silver jump rings weave together to create this thick and sparkly cuff, enveloping your wrist in beauty and elegance! Over 60 peachy Capri Gold crystals are captured in this sparkling piece. A subtle barrel slide clasp keeps it flat on your wrist.

All jump rings are hand spun and flush cut to ensure high quality.

This piece will come wrapped in a custom screen printed reusable cotton gift bag. Perfect for giving, and even better for receiving that special gift for yourself!

About the wire and jump rings:

Jump rings are made out of Artistic Wire. It’s a permanently coloured copper wire with a nylon coating. The coating prevents tarnishing on the copper and brass and www.coinstarpoint.com silver plated wires, and also makes it an option for people who have sensitivities to metal. It is durable and will not fade or change colour with time. All of the jump rings are hand spun and cut by me. I use tools coated with Tool Magic (a rubberized coating) to minimize any marring or nicks when I’m working with the jump rings.

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A really fun project to work on from start to finish. I’d been playing around with oxidizing different metals, and thought copper would be a good one to play with

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