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Recycled sari silk gives this sparkly necklace a eco edge. Teals and deep blues combine to make this a truly eye catching piece. Dozens of Swarovski crystals sparkle around these linked rings.

Using Artistic Wire and various size mandrels with headpins and varying sizes of Swarovski crystals, this was a pretty time comsuming piece to create, but I’m in love with the finished product. A purple one is next on the list of creations.

The rough, ragged edges of the sari silk create a striking contrast with the smooth lines of the silver chain. Finished with a toggle clasp, and an extra little crystal in case you decide to wear your hair up.

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I was inspired by some beautiful oxidized rings I’d seen online, and thought I’d try to create them at home. It was a pretty big undertaking, but with the right tools and advice it wasn’t that hard at all. I thought I’d pass along some of this information to you, in case you’re feeling ambitious.

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